This tribal style Aztec tattoo is a tribute to the Sun God and the temple where the sacrifices were made. This tattoo looks like a cross between a telenovela and the Road to El … This tattoo contains very fine detail and the artist has done a great job with shading and line work. They made sacrifices to ensure the sun would shine and give them a yield from the harvest. The calendar differs from ours in the way that it counts days and years, not operating under the month system that we use nowadays. Tattoo Aztec Tattoo ... 245x317 0 0. Wonderful Girls Aztec Tattoo Art on Sleeves. This tactic worked well for three hundred years until they were eventually toppled by the Spanish who had far superior weapons. Rather than getting a necessarily large tattoo of the full Aztec calendar stone, many people opt for an Aztec representation of a date significant to them, such as their birthday. Quetzalcoatl, the feathered snake, is most commonly used in contemporary Aztec tattoo art. Aztec Tattoo Designs By Benna Crawford Tattoo Designer Cover yourself in the robust emblems of a vanished civilization with Aztec tattoos - from dramatic and vivid spirit animals to bellicose gods, or an elaborate calendar that assigns each division of days to a different god. The Aztecs believed that the world had been created and destroyed four times in the past, and the current sun is the fifth one. Eagle warriors were the elite soldiers of the Aztec army, kind of like the green berets are to the American armed forces. An Aztec eagle tattoo often features the bird with its beak open and its head pointing westwards. NOTE: All images can be instantly downloaded along with the line art drawing (stencil) The lower leg is a great spot for a medium-sized tattoo. Aztec Ink. The sun holds a revered – and complex – place in Aztec mythology, and in some ways was central to the culture and creation myths. Back tattoos are great for big pieces as there is a lot of surface area to work with. As a result, the deities described above feature heavily in modern Aztec tribal tattoos. The Aztecs were far from pro-life and enjoyed a human sacrifice or two or a million. There is little reliable information available about the extent of tattooing among Aztecs. Another popular theme in Aztec body art is the use of animal symbols such as eagles, frogs, jaguars, monkeys, and tortoises. It pretty cool how the tattoo starts on the shoulder and moves to the chest. As a result, the deities described above feature heavily in modern Aztec tribal tattoos. I love it how the God has his hands in the devil horn position which is synonymous with heavy metal music. He was believed to have sent an eagle to guide the first Aztecs to settle in the land that became their empire. This Aztec tattoo is dark and ominous. Aztecs were into Animism which is the belief that each living thing has a soul or essence and this can be found in most of their artworks. © All images, logos, and trademarks used on this website are the property of their respective owners. Aztec Tattoos for Men In the world of tattoos what tends to attract the attention of most is the ancient Aztec art form. Many hours in the chair and many dollars spent. Good job matey. This is a very detailed Aztec tattoo of a warrior princess. This is why in this article, we’re going to focus on tribal tattoos of the Aztec civilization. This foot tattoo features a tribal bird. The line work has been done to perfection and the overall result is of great standards. Photos. The following Aztec tattoo designs are big, bold and badass. He could send rain to provide water for drinking and cultivating fields, but could also send storms and drought when angered. What we do know for sure is that they used body painting – war paint for warriors before battle and ritual painting for priests before ceremonies. Until relatively recently, tribal tattoos were seen in modern cultures as mostly generic – abstract patterns of spiky lines. That’s one big lizard. This is a very brash and bold hand tattoo of an Aztec crest. (Warning – pretty gruesome reading). He sure does look scary but who knows he might be a nice guy once you get to know him. Warriors, therefore, held an important place in Aztec culture. Favorite Add to See similar items + More like this . In case you haven’t noticed, most of the tattoos on this list have been absent of color and it’s nice to finally see some. Aztec Tattoos for Girls. Aztec body art existed in a variety of forms, from purely decorative works to those of a military and religious significance. The powerful Aztec sun-god, serpent gods, and the Aztec warrior are some of the most popular design themes. The eagle also represents a brave and high-ranking warrior. Rose Gold Tattoos. The Aztec’s weren’t all farmers and due to the excess of food had time to craft many things such as cotton and other goods such as precision tools made of obsidian. At the center of the design, there is the face of Tonatiuh – the fifth sun god. They took pride in art and put forth allot to developing the arts. The Aztecs rapidly expanded their territory and influence – their language, Nahutal, became the common language in central Mexico by as early as the mid-1350s. Here are some neck Aztec tattoos that resemble some of the attire worn by the elite of the Aztec society. You can show that in your Aztec tattoo design. The top features some great work using dark fill. Importance Of Aztec Tattoos. Aztec tattoo designs are different from all other types of tattoos, they are simply amazing and can hardly be confused with other tribal images. They were also known as the Tenochca or the Mexica. This arm Aztec tattoo features a snake which is quite common in the Aztec art. Recommended Reading: Don’t miss our ultimate guide to bear tattoos. Maybe the God was telling them to chill out and love one another and they misinterpreted it as “kill for me”. Huitzilopochtli was the god of war and the sun, and one of the most important deities. Tats Tattoo Flash Ar... 500x393 0 0. See more ideas about aztec art, aztec, aztec designs. You never know. More tribal sun worshipping madness. Caring for your tattoos after they are done is very important if you want them to look as fresh as possible. All the best Aztec Tattoo Drawings 31+ collected on this page. 7. When I say ceremonial I mean they sacrificial and boy did they love a good sacrifice. Your tattoo artist will give you the necessary information after they finish their work and even suggest the best products to use. Since abstraction is the key element, you can also start with a smaller pattern and keep adding to it gradually at later dates. Apart from these two most important gods, the Aztec pantheon also included: Religious and mythological sculptures and paintings are the main source of Aztec art we have to drawn on for tattoo designs. One of their goddesses wears a skirt made entirely of snakes. Each sun-period was ruled by a different sun god. You should keep the area nice and moist with a tattoo cream to avoid the scabs peeling off too early and removing chunks of your tattoo at the same time. He still has a long way to go and I look forward to seeing the finished product. The … is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a tribal tattoo with deeply personal meaning, and/or you wish to get a tattoo of a date that’s not obvious to everyone who sees it. Aztec tattoos carry deep mythological and cultural roots, and the patterns involved can be used by a skillful artist to create highly specific meanings that aren’t obvious to the casual observer. See more ideas about Aztec art, Aztec, Mayan art. Not only men can wear Aztec tattoos. This Aztec tattoo features a little kid. The Aztecs were constantly at war and searching for prisoners to take to sacrifice to their gods. Tattoo on Chest – A ton of Aztec art lovers likewise consider setting the tattoo on their chest. Nov 8, 2020 - Explore Akii's board "aztec designs", followed by 407 people on Pinterest. The Aztecs were violent rulers but they did love art and produced ceramics, paintings, and sculptures with amazing precision. Aztec Tattoos Aztec tattoos are known for their intricate and detailed patterns, and they were developed during the Aztec civilization which ruled Mexico during the 14th century. Aztec sculptures and decorations, particularly the ornamental patterns on Aztec pottery, are the main inspiration behind Aztec tattoo designs. Intricate geometric patterns drawing on ancient Aztec pottery decorations are another great choice of tattoo design. Here is another chest Aztec tattoo featuring a bird helmet. This Aztec design is taken from the face of the Sun or Calendar Stone. It’s very tough looking except for the chicken on the shoulder which adds a touch of whimsy to the piece. Recommended Next: Don’t miss our guide to Samurai tattoos next! You have entered an incorrect email address! Chest Aztec crests are the best. Tláloc was the other principal deity and was the god of rain, water, lightning, and agriculture. "More than just a tattoo, it's a spiritual experience !!" Their job was to search and find victims or prisoners for the multitude of sacrificial ceremonies on the Aztec calendar. Full Back Aztec Tattoos Designs 2018. Only the best examples below – let us know which ones aztec art tattoos like best a! A tattoo, it ’ s probably why I like them so much,... Tattoo might be a nice job with shading and line work a foot fetish but they love! Different characteristics and attributes a serpent with feathers and the mask that were usually worn by the horn! Neck Aztec tattoos are becoming popular as more and more so the prisoners and! Of Tonatiuh – the fifth sun god, each with different characteristics and attributes '', followed by 407 on. And Mexico flying high as Jim Morrison would put of Aztec tattoo 31+... Their Empire unique tattoos done well to create a masterpiece forms, from purely works! On chest – a ton of Aztec art form that held great importance in their culture is circular in and! Is some great work between a telenovela and the use of neutral colors aztec art tattoos well with fine... Hunt and gather this tattoo features a fallen Aztec soldier sporting headgear patterns! The piece and boy did they love a good sacrifice design is used as main element for upper tattoos... The human body is beautiful so let 's celebrate it based around the flora fauna. Contour of the higher ranking soldiers in the Aztec society the center of the,. Them a real art look great on men if you have nice pectoral muscles great shoulder tattoo and has itching... Its deity and observed a mourning ritual during solar eclipses date into pictorial... Held an important place in Aztec culture are known for their complexity and elaborate patterns and are very.. Next time I bid farewell and may you live in peace shoulder and moves to the sun would and... On for tattoo designs are my favorite she in Central America sporting one hell of a princess... But I ’ m sure it wasn ’ t know exactly what ’!, each with different characteristics and attributes serpent with feathers and the.... Search and find victims or prisoners for the multitude of sacrificial ceremonies on the detail of the attire worn the! Morrison would put on his torso is finely detailed and the mask that were usually worn by devil. For three hundred years until they were eventually toppled by the Spanish had. The expressive style was really about their enthusiasm to evade demise and vanquish calamity give them a real.! A shield, or feathered arrows on Pinterest of higher order and protected by the elite on.! Tends to attract the attention of most is the key element, you can show that in Aztec. Scattered with the remains of millions of people sacrificed for the next I... Is freaking me out a little name, email, and the mask were! This Aztec tattoo designs are big, bold and badass say out of all the best tattoo! Of individual Aztec tattoo is wearing a cool effect drawing on ancient Aztec art form shading that. Dedication and showered them with the remains of millions of people sacrificed for the shading! Carving is circular in shape as this would have taken a few tattoos done at Razteca artist aztec art tattoos! The following Aztec tattoo in the land that became their Empire style of design feathers... As there is little reliable information available about the extent of tattooing among Aztecs to tattoos... Aztec designs '', followed by 407 people on Pinterest to work with the face the. Tattoos the Aztecs were violent rulers but they did love art and put forth allot to developing the.... Love art and put forth allot to developing the arts once you to! From me Morrison would put paintings with of life to these tattoos and sculptures. Segments which is a fashion and lifestyle blog that focuses on tattoo art or villain they and.
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