A good reading about NFS security can be found here: /mnt/DroboFS/Shares,insecure) and then, on the NFS server, run: $ sudo exportfs -a Now when you mount the directory as a non-root user on the NFS client it will mount with the appropriate owner and group. – On HP-UX, the -O option is valid only for NFS-mounted file systems. This tutorial, I will discuss the different NFS mount options you have to perform on nfs client. So to mount NFS manually we will execute below command on the client i.e. If no version is specified, NFS uses the highest supported version by the kernel and mount command. It is good practice not to allow users to login to a server. On the NFS client host (e.g.,, update /etc/fstab as … intr — Allows NFS requests to be interrupted if the server goes down or cannot be reached.. nfsvers=2 or nfsvers=3 — Specifies which version of the NFS protocol to use. (insecure is the export option). Vivek — there is a problem accessing a “normal” nfs server from osx if the mount option “-o resvport” is used on the osx client. – Caution: Using the -O mount option can put your system in a confusing state. The main purpose of this protocol is sharing file/file systems over the network between two UNIX/Linux machines. Next mount the NFS file system from server1 on server2 [root@server2 ~]# mount -t nfs /tmp/logs. Comment 5 Joe Pruett 2005-08-12 21:13:32 UTC ... e.g. The info on the wiki page appears to outdated, check the manpages for nfs and nfs.conf . NFS-mounting accross a NAT router. server2 ( We need the mount point, so I will create the mount point [root@server2 ~]# mkdir /tmp/logs. To reject all NFS requests from nonreserved ports, you can enable the nfs.nfs_rootonly option. Most/normal nfs servers are firewalled; opening port 2049 for nfs … Checking wiki and manpages indicate that you can assign port numbers on the server. If you want to allow this on an export, you may do so with the “ insecure ” export option. This option is not supported with NFSv4 and should not be used. The -O option allows you to hide local data under an NFS mount point without receiving any warning. ... Linux clients may do this using the “ noresvport ” mount option. Verify if the NFS FS is mounted properly This is useful for hosts that run multiple NFS servers. NFS is a client and server architecture based protocol, developed by Sun Microsystems. About this task By default, the option nfs.mount_rootonly is on . In order to allow a regular user to mount NFS share, you can do the following. Securing NFS Mount Options. Re: nfs mount needs to be "insecure" to work as user. RHEL4 is using unprivileged ports when requesting an nfs mount some of the time. Local data hidden beneath an NFS mount point will not be backed up during regular system backups. Adapted from How to mount NFS share as a regular user - by Dan Nanni:. You need to allow the client to access the server on the NFS port from (source port on the client) any port <=1024 to use NFS secure mount. This will ensure that no user without root privileges can forge NFS communications and access NFS ressources in a way not permitted.
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