Strategy and consultation are meaningless without the people who can provide results. NPS is calculated using a simple survey question: how satisfied are you with the service you received? An agency must deliver results, but they should also be proactive in improving the overall client relationship and the quality of their results. When you are considering hiring a marketing agency one of the first questions you should ask is who will be managing your account and who will be executing the work. Don’t simply accept broad and ultimately meaningless explanations — get specific. For example, educational institutions tend to average an NPS of 71, while healthcare companies are lucky to get much higher than 27. After all, if your marketing partner is spearheading a full-fledged campaign on your behalf, they should want you to know just how much they do for you, right? This is non-negotiable for any multi-channel campaign. Be sure to ask and receive answers to the following questions as part of your vetting process. Sometimes agencies leave reports intentionally vague or never bother to explain the metrics they show. They should make themselves available to answer questions or provide insights with reasonable turnaround times. Or might have been failed to try on your own and looking for some suggestions that can guide you for your Marketing … Inversely, an agency that only assists local restaurants likely won’t be a good fit for a corporate franchise business. All you have to do is search for good opportunities and prepare well for your digital marketing interview questions. “We will guarantee first page results on search.” This is a warning flag that the agency is not strategically focused, and will likely look to play short-term SEO games, rather than build an authentic content strategy that yields quality leads and greater long-term results. Hiring a digital marketing agency can help your B2B healthcare marketing firm gain new leads and scale—but only if you hire the right agency. 3. Never be afraid to push to better understand how an agency intends to keep itself accountable with deliverables on a predetermined schedule. Referral Program | Acquisitions | Sitemap | Privacy Policy, 6 Questions to ask a Digital Marketing Agency. These are the essential questions to ask a marketing agency to get to the core of how your relationship will function and what outcome you can expect. 4. But what specifically do they do to achieve that? Apart from being excited, you must also be wondering what could be the possible Digital Marketing interview questions that you can be ready for, to leave that lasting impression on the interview panel and who knows, maybe to bag that coveted job! Gathering as much information as possible about an agency will go a long way towards finding the best fit. In particular, client testimonials that use branding and a direct quote from an actual person are huge credibility signals. Like you would when you’re trying out a new mechanic, you should be able to ask for an itemized list of the marketing services you’re paying for. One of the surest signs of an agency that’s losing you money is a hesitance, unwillingness, or inability to answer direct questions. Hiring an agency is far from easy,  though. Evaluating the merits of in-house versus outsourced marketing is complicated; there are numerous factors to consider. There are several crucial questions you should keep in mind, using them as benchmarks for the vetting process. More detailed surveys are also available, but all it takes to create a reliable baseline is that one question, answered on a scale of 1 to 10. Receive Digital Marketing Tips & Updates Straight to Your Inbox. Managing your own Facebook? While some industries have specific tactics and strategies that work best, a competent digital agency has experience assimilating data quickly and adjusting to almost any industry and business. Some agencies have restrictive, long-term contracts. Ask for testimonials from other marketing directors or business owners, look at case studies of businesses that are similar to yours — even request to talk to another satisfied client! It’s best to disqualify any company or agency that guarantees results. Testimonials usually require the agency to reach out to the client for a direct request, whereas clients can submit online reviews at their leisure. If you know your internal processes are strong and that you are ready to grow, but new leads aren’t coming in the way they should with your marketing campaign, you need to reevaluate. Assuming a company understands its goals, the right agency should be able to tailor a strategy in such a way to satisfy that client’s needs. Content marketing is now a must-have for any successful business. In the 21st century, almost all marketing efforts can be tracked digitally and reported back to you. If a company doesn’t offer reporting, walk away. According to, Digital Marketing Agencies average an NPS of around 61. Who Are You Targeting With My Campaign. One thing to note about benchmarks is that they can vary widely among industries. A lack of clarity and honesty is a recipe for disaster. Since the agency will be responsible for directing growth for your company on digital platforms, it’s important that you hire the right agency. Beyond that, try asking questions about how many team members will work on the account as well as their qualifications. While other factors should also be part of an agency’s decision making, campaigns live and die by data analysis. Imagine that you paid hundreds, even thousands a month for service and expertise, and in return, your business didn’t change. We put together this list of important questions to ask a digital marketing agency to help companies of all sizes identify the most common traits of a marketing agency that won’t treat them right. Marketing success hinges upon routine and free-flowing communication. The best ones have carefully created their own process to account for every single step of the way, including potential bumps in the road. While this industry is complex, there’s nothing to be gained from making it seem MORE complicated. , Digital Marketing Agencies average an NPS of around 61. What Happens When You Stop SEO and Marketing? That’s why its worth asking up front how they communicate with their clients. Examining the leads generated by individual channels and whole campaigns is a crucial part of ALL of WebTek’s integrated marketing plans. For example, if you’ve had a solid client relationship for a decade, and they always use your services once a year, your marketing agency CAN’T take credit for that business! When making decisions about your marketing, you can never be too careful. Hiring specialists to work in-house usually equates to the cost of hiring an agency and very often even ends up being more expensive. Some agencies only specialize in extremely niche areas. Here are some fair questions you should always be able to ask once you work with a company for digital marketing: Want to dominate local and national searches? For example, a company might propose that they leverage social media to earn you brand awareness and new customers. These credentials must be bestowed by a reputable third-party to vouch for the work of a given agency. The agency selection process can feel like an awful chore: The above highlight just a few of the challenges in choosing an agency. (KPI, ROI) Measuring results is very important. Don’t let them get away with taking credit for a professional relationship YOU nurtured. Hiring a digital marketing agency is a major decision and one must tread carefully to prevent wasting their time and money. However, you don’t want to just take their word for it. But the opposite must also be true. One of the biggest – and most overlooked – digital marketing questions to ask is how agencies manage content creation. You should always feel comfortable to ask questions and see evidence. Any Digital Marketing Agency wants to make sure that it's a mutually beneficial partnership so don't be afraid to ask questions before you sign contracts. Figure out what factors you value most in an agency relationship and choose accordingly. Or do they post stock photos and captions a few times per month to your Instagram? Digital marketing can be rightly divided into … Does the agency have experience with your industry? We can help with that. How Do You Measure Results? What Does Digital Marketing Cost for Small & Mid-Size Businesses? Almost 100% of agencies that offer monthly internet marketing services provide some type of report as a form of “proof” that their strategies are working. Let’s say a company wants an agency that knows Google Ads inside and out. False. Learn how to get to the first page of Google! Believe it or not, there are more important questions to ask before hiring a digital marketing marketing agency. This problem can go both ways. In almost every case, the worst thing a marketing company can do for their client, is nothing. Working in digital marketing requires knowledge of complex technology. Ultimately, results are what matter. The other primary benchmark is calculated by surveys provided by SurveyMonkey, the leading provider of information-gathering services across many different business sectors. If you let the questions come out naturally, your clients will end up answering some of the questions without you even asking. Long-term campaign success requires always having an eye towards the future without getting too caught up in the day-to-day. 1. Digital marketing is one of the growing areas of online business, and it will continue dominating in the coming years, hence will generate good job opportunities in Digital Marketing career. Results speak for themselves, and agencies need to be upfront at all times. Do You Track and Show Me Leads from Your Campaigns? According to. Certifications and accreditations are essential indicators of an agency’s quality. A tell-tale sign of marketing agencies that aren’t worth their keep is one that tries to take credit for business you know had nothing to do with them. Learn more about our team, credentials, and qualifications here. Start the conversation today! Since the greatest benefit of partnering with an agency is its team, getting a measure of the agency’s talent is essential. The contract length is something to keep in mind when choosing an agency. Agencies should have refined processes and procedures that empower them to provide repeatable outcomes. 1) Who will be managing my account and executing the work? An agency that gets itself far too into the weeds, focusing only on tactics won’t get the job done either. Perhaps a company does great work with content marketing but doesn’t have detailed SEO experience. It is a fast, simple way to gather customer data. Secondly, if your marketing company isn’t tracking your leads, then how can they possibly make the tweaks and improvements necessary to continue to grow your business? No matter the size of an agency, the answer to this question should always be “yes.” Some agencies are so large that clients have to deal with customer service call centers rather than a dedicated account manager. When this happens, falling short of that high bar becomes inevitable. More detailed surveys are also available, but all it takes to create a reliable baseline is that one question, answered on a scale of 1 to 10. Making decisions in today’s world without relying heavily on data is a mistake. What Services And Channels Does The Agency Specialise In? Would you please describe your agency’s process in helping me meet my marketing goals? However, the fact that agencies leverage a pool of talented workers with diverse experiences means that companies who partner with them have the potential to get the highest return on their investment. 9 Questions to Ask Digital Marketing Companies Before Hiring One By Kristen Hicks Oct 19 /2017 Digital marketing requires so much work and so many different moving parts it’s often impractical for businesses to try to keep the work in-house—and remain up-to-date with current best practices. Deciding on a new marketing agency can be a tricky position — that’s why we’re here to help! In addition to regular communication,  choosing the right agency should also involve considering if they’re accountable and transparent. What may have generated results a decade ago may not be feasible in the present day. When considering working with a new marketing partner, you want to know how they operate, how they communicate, and most importantly, if they will grow your business. Do You Provide and Explain Monthly Reports? Ask specifically what they are doing for your company. You can learn a lot of skills, but it’s difficult to fake passion. This is an important question to ask any marketing agency — digital or otherwise. Data should inform everything an agency does since it informs what’s going well, where to adjust, and where they need to go in the future. Note that due to the management of workloads,  agencies may not be able to commit a specific person to your account until you commit to partnering with the agency. As a business owner, who you partner with can shape the success of your brand. To get you started, we created five critical questions to help you assess the proficiency of a digital agency before your next project. At a bare minimum, the best agency will always offer recurring meetings and campaign updates, typically weekly. Pay attention to these kinds of promises. So while now may seem like the perfect time to talk about the most important question you can ask during that interview, let’s start with the least important question to ask your prospective digital marketing agency. If you find yourself asking tough yet fair questions and getting a roundabout speech from your marketing partner, that’s a sign that they are hiding something. Here is another digital marketing tip, your answer should go like this: Thank you. Many businesses care about whether an agency has direct experience with helping other companies in their industry. Acquiring new business online requires having seasoned talent with hands-on knowledge regarding the benefits and strengths of different platforms. Interview Your Potential Marketing Partner Like You Would ANY Other New Hire. This frequency is a default best practice; clients may, of course, have specific preferences outside of this schedule. Steer clear of agencies that don’t have several compelling case studies to their name. Try these 9 unbeatable Facebook post ideas for businesses, Learn how to get to the first page of Google, Explore our integrated marketing case studies. Some agencies make grand promises on which they can’t, Some agencies fail to provide substantive proof of how they get. How Do You Communicate with Your Clients? Finding the right digital agency will be challenging; make no mistake. If that’s how your potential marketing partner feels, you may want to walk away before you ever get started. Not sure if you’re covering enough ground with your current list of questions? While an agency won’t have specifics, make sure to ask about what the timeline will look like. Not only that, but these individuals also need to know how to execute. An important consideration for selecting an agency is how they approach technology adaptation and innovation. Companies that wish to explore new territory or improve performance in a specific area of digital marketing will end up considering whether to hire fresh talent or partner with a digital agency. Misleading. That’s why this is the bottom-line need-to-ask question. How to Fix Your Website Not Ranking in Google. Both of these could be defined as social media marketing; however, the first one earns you business, while the second one doesn’t do much for you. After all, what could be better for THEIR client retention? Some of the largest companies on the planet have huge teams of marketers, all of which must be at the top of their game to stay ahead of the latest trends. This is the all-important one, isn’t it? 13 Questions every marketing consultant should ask prospects Published on April 28, 2015 April 28, 2015 • 505 Likes • 46 Comments Which is continually evolving. You’re investing in marketing for one reason: to grow your business. Although we break up the questions into a few different groups, you shouldn't just ask them all in order. After all, an agency that does this knows you’re not a marketer, and they count on being able to deflect your questions by using buzzwords and industry jargon. These are questions that any marketing agency or advertiser should be able and willing to answer. Depending on goals and needs, a company likely doesn’t just need a strategic partner; they also need a tactical one. You NEED to see the leads earned by different marketing campaigns and channels. Some credentials even have different tiers to consider. NPS is calculated using a simple survey question: how satisfied are you with the service you received? According to Pardot, 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before they even reach out to sales or support. Goals can more realistically be set for tasks pertaining to the quality of services, such as communication and reporting. Not every agency will have the same approach for a given marketing area. 5 Strategies To Make Your Small Business Recession Proof. To assist your digital marketing agency selection efforts, here are 7 essential questions to ask to help evaluate if an agency of your liking is the perfect match. One corollary of this item is the measurement of customer satisfaction. Simply put, the more your agency DOESN’T explain, the more obvious it is they don’t want you to know and understand the results (or lack thereof) of their efforts. Finding the right fit can be time-consuming and downright frustrating. Perhaps a company does great work with content marketing but doesn’t have detailed SEO experience. We have a few words for that: Convenient. These are some of the main questions you must ask the digital marketing services company that you wish to engage in launching a powerful marketing campaign online. You need to understand the company’s needs and objectives. Digital marketing will only become more complex as the landscape changes along with consumer behavior. Never miss all the marketing news & tips that matter to your business! Does the agency plan to run a series of paid social media ads to introduce your business to ideal new prospects in your service area? Every marketer should treat performance data like gold. Strategic planning is meaningless without boots on the ground to get things done. By the end of this resource, you should have the answers to the most critical questions when seeking a new digital marketing agency. A common practice in the agency world is to draft contracts where clients must agree to minimum commitments of anywhere from six months up to a full year. Whether their reports actually prove their point, is a different story though. Content creation is one of the most valuable investments. — download it for FREE right here: WebTek is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency located in Lancaster County, PA.  What started as a strong website design company has transformed into a one-stop shop for everything you need to be successful online. Asking about their reports is an essential question to ask a marketing agency because your digging into how transparent they will be once you’re on a contract with them. Every digital marketing agency has its own way of doing things, and you should definitely ask about it. You make it a policy to shoot people straight, and you’d expect any other business partner to do the same to you. The only way to get a  sense of whether an agency can execute is if they provide strategic timelines with deliverables and hard deadlines. For example, if you are seeking an agency that specializes in paid search, you should ask how they use automation tools and tactics to improve the overall return on investment. Contact WebTek today for a free consultation! If they clear those hurdles, here are the 10 questions you should ask when hiring a digital marketing agency… While you’re too busy to examine every avenue of a multifaceted marketing campaign, if you want more details, you deserve them. That’s not to say that an agency with a year-long contract doesn’t do good work, but it doesn’t offer a whole lot of flexibility for the client if a marketing campaign goes south. Join the 600+ companies that already chose WebTek, ©2021 WebTek - Lancaster PA Website Design and Internet Marketing Company, Serving Harrisburg, York, Reading and Lancaster County. If you’re looking to find your next digital marketing agency, these are five questions you need to ask when interviewing each digital marketing agency.The 5 questions series is one more way Agency Spotter makes your agency search and selection process easier.. 1. The best agencies really stand out when transparency and accountability are also baked into their corporate culture. Wouldn’t they go out of their way to make sure you see the value they bring you? Because companies pay agencies for their pool of talent, decision-makers have a right to know who works on their account. Here are 10 questions we believe are essential to ask when hiring a digital marketing agency, so you can feel confident you’ve made the best decision for your brand’s digital strategy. Additionally, you should never get the feeling of a “bait and switch” when your senior contact shortly after switches over to a more green person. 12 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agencies If you are inside this blog, you’re probably wondering about hiring a Digital Marketing Agencies for the first time. If the idea is to partner with someone to fill those gaps, focus on the areas that matter most.
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