POV Claire I have always been a person with few friends, since I was a child I have never been the popular girl who walked the school corridors with a group of friends. So no way that equals a 1% difference. Not just one species. Been going around the bayou for 2 hours and cant find it, Am I able to do the random encounters you see on the road or will that affect honour? In the guide it says its needed for the trophy. I have one question though, does the game state when a new chapter begins and what mission will lead into the next one, or is it more seamless? They can be bought from, First you must finish the Online Tutorial to unlock the function to, The easiest way is to cook animal meat over the camp’s fire. Share? The gold medals (see “Hardest Trophy” in Roadmap). For everyone who did the honor story missions and didn’t unlock lending a hand trophy .. replay Home Improvement for Beginners it is in epilogue 2 .. i did this and the trophy popped seconds away .. i had my lending a hand trophy at 90% .. pretty sure i also missed one honor story mission aswell .. powerpyx you should add this therefore many players unlocked the trophy this way.. the animals with pelts. Hello i already completed all 6 chapters and both Epilogues. Since there isn’t much to affect your honor in Chapter 5, the first realistic shot at this is in Chapter 6 or after beating the story (in Chapter 6 you gain +/- 50% Honor for all actions). Going to use this guide a lot. You can keep track of this under Pause Menu > Progress > Awards > Free Roam > Complete Free Roam missions from 10 characters. I got the trophy after doing another request. A lot of people saying its’s not popped for them. Read. Tip: Catching and releasing fish is the best way and doing bounties. ... Start Chapter 4: The Ties That Bind Us: Complete The Joys of Civilization (Chapter 4) ... Friends With Benefits: Complete a Companion Activity in each camp. Here you will find a guide on how to achieve the Friends With Benefits Trophy ... complete around 3 missions, one for each Camp. Ok after doing a few more missions it’s now showed up for me. Give to the Poor (Donate $250 to the gang tithing box): The Tithing Box disappears after Chapter 4 so you must do the trophy before then. Dinosaur Bone 0. Question about “Friends with benefits” trophy. I’m currently at the beginning of chapter 3, and i want to make sure i have all the missable side quests. You have it in your Of Men and Angels walkthrough but not in this guide. Not sure about the others you are missing, sorry. I have a question regarding side quest called he is british, that requires to find and bring back zebra, tiger and lion to broken caravans, i have not study those animals, and as far as i know there is no way to restart this side mission, so i wonder are these animals missable for animal list of 178 animals. It’s gonna take a while but should unlock later into the story. So you do: there’s reasons why they are missing. Archived. Hobby Horse: Play all mini games. Javier – Home Robbery: Talk to Javier at camp, he wants to do a home robbery with you in Valentine. I absolved twice, why would you take money from people with no money that got tricked into a loan. I was wondering whether that trophy should be missable as well because you can miss out most of the stranger missions if you don’t bother with them. One question, Skin Deep & Zoologist, have to be done during story (chapter 1 – end story) or can be done after I finished whole story line? Chapter one has six main story missions. I can confirm it still works after patch 1.03. Some achievements require a lot of skill or a lot of time in the game. Waraneasy = Who was first to platinum RDR2 and provided the Multiplayer time estimate and also his XP farming method, Filed Under: Red Dead Redemption 2, Trophy Guides. What makes this a 6/10 difficulty in your opinion? This achievement is highly missable. Give to the poor I upraged my cap a lot if this helps. These are just all that can show up on Guarma. After the story you still got a lot of collectibles to find so you can combine it there as well. Getting $250 is easy enough, you get well over $1000 from some story missions. I have been playing for 10 days at roughly 3 hours per day and am only at level 20. it looks like i’m going to need another 30 days or so at the same amount of time per day to get to level 50, so I’m going to estimate online as roughly 120 hours. There you find a building with a big tower. We’ll make it easier for you. I didnt need to get the Carolina parakeet though so maybe the two parrots in guarma I studied actually counted. This has been going for a while now. Is there actually a quest called Money Lending and Other Sins – II ? ill replay a short mission right now and see if you are right, nope you have to do all objectives in one go. I’ve tried multiple calculations (w and w/o legendarys, w and w/o horses, even fish) but nothing worked… Does anyone know when I will unlock this? Does it need to study legendery animals to get this trophy(zoologist)?i missed three of them 🙁, im fairly confused on the chapter 6 missions. For some reason they can’t be studied if they’re attacking, seems like you can only study them when they’re unaware of you or they lay dying. my game glitched and i was not able to skin the legendary bison, do i have to start a new game and skin every animal to get the skin animals trophy? I can confirm this quest don’t count for the trophy. You get a free horse from the online tutorial. Artificial Intelligence [Bronze] - Discover the fate of Marko Dragic. I can confirm you MUST do “Of Men and Angels (I, II)” for “Lending a Hand”. in one mission you will have a guard as hostage. Interactive Map of all RDR2 Locations. Just a blank spot where it should be. So even though you’ve “completed” the game, you will still have 128 animals left to study and skin. if anyone is still looking for tips on how to platinum, let me know. You can keep track of this under Pause Menu > Progress > Awards > Survivalist > Craft items (remember to deduct crafted ammo from the total). Hopefully had a save from chapter 6 (way further than 2 days after i did the quest) and it unlock the trophy. I have done all maps except the high stakes treasure map and have followed your video. In the stranger quest where you have to find the zebra, tiger, lion.. it turns out the last animal is actually a lion. Go to the kitchen where you’ll find a ladder to the loft. You can do the missions in the order listed there and use it to check when each one becomes available. Sean – Coach Robbery: Talk to Sean at camp, he wants to rob a Stagecoach. If I go to their locations, it says that I can’t do them because of my recent crimes and I should come back later. Refer to the trophy description for all available events. Can’t you just accept them again or maybe they are still in your satchel and can be read again? Anyone whit similar issue or a solution maybe? Hobby Horse: Play all mini games. On xbox I have 90% towards the Optional story missions. The 144 cigarette cards take the longest. I had a a maximum honor achieved by then. Most time will go into the 200+ Collectibles and 90 Challenges. This trophy is missable. Credits:Hlidskialf on reddit. So much stuff to do in this game 🙂, 2. just north of the oil plant (like 100 feet north of the north wall). I’ve just done the first LS mission (Money Lending and Other Sins) and in my mission log under Chapter 2 it just lists ‘Money Lending and Other Sins – III’ is this right? You can see your horse bonding level under Pause Menu > Player > Horse > Bonding. 4. I have the quest “Money Lending and Other Sinds III” ( Bronze ) in my mission overview, but i cannot remember if i did a certain one. Automatic story trophy, cannot be missed. Show All Hide All Interiors. For the “Skin Deep” trophy, do you also have to skin animals like pigs that don’t have the skinned progression in the compendium? but maybe its just a bug? So my question is, can I go to those 2 places and get the money from them and then it will still count? When to upload on YouTube 4 MISSABLE Trophies ? Can be in Freeroam, if you get a stranger quest. Thnks in advance. Step 2: Sleep until night and Marco’s next mission should pop up in the top-right corner of the map “A Bright Bouncing Boy – II”. just keep a personal checklist for yourself when going through this. Friends with benefits It’s filed as a stranger quest and no other stranger mission counts. Spawn moves slightly but that forest is littered with Grizzly bodies, you do not need to wait three days or whatever. How many animals in Chapter 5? Anyone provide a list?. Hello. I know I have had a few characters ask for an item, but I cannot remember which ones. Then you’ll have to replay missions for their gold medals and clean up the collectibles for 100% completion and lastly the animals. It’s about time you change the requirement for Single player 200+ hours to even more because it’s just crazy how much we have to do. It doesn’t affect the 100%. Sounds like a bug, I’ll add a note. Read Chapter 4 from the story •Friends With Benefits• by writers_ink_12 (antisocialdubs) with 1,278 reads. You say that only 50/178 animals are needed for 100%, but in the trophy description it says to skin all 178 animals. Somebody just discovered the last location of the Squirrel Statue. Errand boy is not missable, you can deliver 5 items to Unckle after finishing epilogue. Hopefully this glitch can been patched soon, as I’m gutted to have missed out on all their dialogues and requests in chapters 2 and 3. Correct, those are not needed. 2-The errand boy one. Trophies that force you to play a certain way defeat the purpose of a game like this. In chapter 2 I did both the Bison Hunt and the Home robbery with Javier…before finishing the chapter, I checked my progress on Rockstar Club and it showed 33%, so I moved to chapter 3. SolidNinjaSnake = Additional info on “It’s Art”. I’ve completed “Paying a Social Call” but “A Fisher of Men” Quest Giver: Abigail, Chapter: 2 hasn’t shown up. » Red Dead Redemption 2 All Animal Locations. The online trophies are straightforward and will come naturally while going for Rank 50. The only thing you should keep in mind is to save up money for making a Permanent Posse ($200), for filling 5 stalls with horses ($1700), and for buying 5 camp upgrades ($250). I’m so frustrated with the Friends and Benefits…I did pretty much all activities in chapter 2 and 3…chapter 2 I hunted Bisons with Charles and did home robbery with Javier, checked the status in Rockstar Social Club and it showed 33%…went ahead to chapter 3 and did home robbery and fishing with both Kieran and Javier….but the tracker in RSC didn’t move to 66%…tried several times fishing again with Javier and nothing…moved in to Chapter 4 just to try it and did the stage coach robbery with Lenny and the tracker updated to 66% but no trophy popped…. I have the same feeling… since the trophy description says “in all states” and Guarama is not a state those might not be needed. You probably got the game early and that’s how it’s possible to have made this list, but still this was incredibly fast. You do not need a $250 bounty in New Austin to get that trophy. See trophy “Notorious”. Pearson – Hunting: Talk to Pearson at camp, he wants to go hunting. After putting it back above the fireplace always sleep for 24 hours so it gets stolen again. Thats what I did and the trophy still popped up. This Achievement is only missable if you just run trough the Main Storyline and I don't think anyone would do that, Do you have a question about this trophy? I tested it and got the trophy/achievement without relying on either Sean or Javier. psn is kierrin_1994 if you guys want to check. Friends With Benefits [Bronze] - (Missable) Complete a companion activity in each camp. I also nearly didn’t do this mission, because I was going to give up after realising I missed one! Is it true that this guy cannot be found when u complete the game?? I found this extremely helpful. It seems to unlock later than it should or some stranger mission strands don’t count properly. Refer to the trophy description for all available events. The carolina parakeets is an endangered species….. Checklist Hunt Carolina parakeets…. Reaching Bonding Level 4 (the maximum) will unlock this trophy. Not too far in the game. Hi i have the guide and it states the only misable trophies are, Okay so I just got my “Lending a Hand” trophie. 1 pig, 1 bear, etc. Go to any Gunsmith (marked on map in towns), for example there’s one in Valentine. for example if I do in chapter 3 Sean activity I dont need to Bill activity aswell and i will get trophie? Am i good to get those honor missions? You can find Butchers in Valentine, Strawberry, Blackwater, Rhodes, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed. Hey Pyx, thanks for the guide! do every mission thats listed in here. Hope I’m not screwed. Which main mission was the last one you did, i need to plant the bombs with micah for my next one. i checked all missions 3 times and there’s none missing. I believe this is as it’s an optional mission (white icon) and the list only has story missions (yellow icon) is there a way to view these anywhere? 2018-11-04: Chapter 5 animals are confirmed to not be needed for “Skin Deep” & “Zoologist”. Im thinking the same thing dude. Any plant that you can pick up will add towards this trophy. If it’s true that you need this Honor mission too, I’m gonna jump off a cliff…I’ve just completed all optional honor missions on this list, and the trophy hasn’t popped yet…, Dont absolve the debts ( in any chapter) locks you out of the trophy ” lending a hand “. it can be done after you finish the story. Because after Money Lending and Other Sins lll there’s no more tracking on social club. Hosea – Request: American Ginseng x2 – Location: A plant found in the wilderness, use, Molly – Request: Pocket Mirror – Location: In a hut of Martha’s Swain, east of Three Sisters. You can find it on the nightstand next to the bed (, Sadie – Request: Harmonica – Location: Found in a shelf of a hut east of Flatneck Station (, Kieran – Request: Burdock Root x2 – Location: A plant found in the wilderness, use. Browsing the Rockstar Social Club, I found out that I am missing the “That’s Murfree Country” mission from Chapter 5. Hunting Request 0. You don’t have to sell him 20 different items. So just go hunting and skin animals for their meat. Mine is worse then what is stated! PowerPyx – is “Lending a Hand” TROPHY GLITCHED due to “Money Lending” side mission. Maybe i haven’t done enough missions or its not the right time of the day. So my question is: If i have ” Money Lending and Other sinds III “in my log and on the R* socialclub site, does that mean i automaticly did 1 and 2? I did the Money Lending and Other Sins mission in chapter 3 and talked to the 2 debors and I put the money from both in the tithing box, but in the progress tab it doesn’t show ” Money Lending and Other Sins (IV)” under chapter 3? The “Money Lending and Other Dins III” is already in my mission log. Step 1: Finish the Story (complete Epilogue Part 2). It unlocks after returning from the first co-op mission “Honor Among Horse Thieves” back to your camp. Lending a Hand (Complete all optional Honor story missions): Some of the Story Missions are extremely easy to miss. My plan would be to do ALL the honorable missions first as to make sure I don’t miss them THEN do everything else. 🙂, Killing law and bounty hunters is fine (provided your wanted) , killing random civilians will lose honor. Without spoiling the game: a few missions in chapter 4 all the characters will be having a party including the missing ones. 1 x activity Chapter 3 when I break into Father Arguing with son house Have your friend join. I did 5 requests including the 5 dollar request from Abigail and the trophy didn’t pop. But what I was referring to is more likely a glitch that there are absolutely no animals on the entire island, in that case, reloading saves for some reason does not respawn the animals, only restarting the game would do. Tried featured series and race series but it didnt pop up Where’s the letter for The Course of True Love IV and V in chapter 6? Even though quest from John and Hosea appeared earlier I went for Dutch quest and I have noticed that The Fine Joys of Tobacco (Hosea) disappeared from the map after completing Magicians for Sport (Dutch). I think you should remove the pigs from the Guarma list because they can also be found on the mainland, at least thats says in their description. I am going for the Friends With Benefits trophy which requires a "random" mission with a companion in each camp. You did an awesome job with this guide, and helped me a lot on the road to this insane platinum(should have it soon, gold metal trophy sucks). » Red Dead Redemption 2 – All Table Game Locations. Cheers. Does anybody know if the dlc counts for lending a hand and 100%? Is this really required for Lending a Hand lol? I had 4 out of 5 requests delivered and them I found a necklace for Tilly, went back to Beaver Hollow camp, gave it to her and the trophy popped! Cannot check since I am not at home the next days…, Exact same problem. I just went up there and after picking up the statue, the trophy “It’s Art” popped right away. I found all 3 types of pig (Berkshire, old spot & big China) at Downes Ranch near Valentine. Chapter 4 is the final chapter in the game where you can make use of the tithing box and as a result of this, you’ll need to make sure you donate at least $250 before the end of it. It can sometimes take 15-20 minutes of advancing time, blowing yourself up with dynamite and exiting the game. If your struggling with challenges in story mode. For example there are like three or four species of squirrels and they all have a separate spot in your compendium. All Story Mission Walkthrough Available Here! its not a bug just the way the games made it. Talk to the missing people and they should be there for ever now. I just can’t find Jack at the camp to return the book. I also think that some animals are required for zoologist because 46 isn’t 29% of 178 51 is. Probabely next week because I won’t be able to play on the weekend…, I was still able to finish the remaining two debts in chapter 4. I am going for the Friends With Benefits trophy which requires a "random" mission with a companion in each camp. They will show up as purple text in the top left corner and you need to hold the Options-Button to join. Ah that one doesn’t get added to the compendium so no worries, it doesn’t affect the animal trophies, doesn’t count. Hello, is there someone available to boost “All’s Fair” trophy? I dunno yet, focusing on collectibles / animals for now. Is patch 1.03 ruined a cheat missable trophy for someone ? From start to finish. Mushrooms, Berries, Flowers etc. You need to win games without picking tiles up from the table. I’ve completed 45% of the game and I’m in chapter 3.. Because if it is, its a missable trophy, there is only one legendary of each type, if you kill it and did not study them, you dont get another chance… Can someone please confirm that the legendaries do not need to be studied…, Because you only have Track/Kill/Skin for legendaries in compendium, no study aperantly required… But when you hunt them, the study option does appear… Im really worried because the last manual save i made is long ago, and tracking the animals is tiresom, so i hope there is no need to study the legendaries…, They are not mandatory for the trophy. I’ve added it up myself and it only takes 170,425 to reach rank 50. By missions chapter 2 and 3 end in the main town your near (chapter 2 is a marston quest i dont remember what 3s was and i haven’t finished 4 yet). Last Updated: 2019/11/13 22:57. Lets see…. You have to kill it during this animation! It can take 12+ stranger mission strands to pop it. I‘m 1/3-1/2 through chapter 2 and haven‘t had a single errand request or a single companion activity in the camp yet…do they trigger at a certain point? Cigarette Card 0. You need to do Robberies/Hunting/Fishing companion missions. And will you show the locations of all the animals pyx? When you see random people on the roads, kill and loot them. Love the name lol^^ The guide says only in chapter 2. It really sucks. In Guarama looks like only 2 species are unique for this zone, Sula (is a bird, i don’t know the english name) and Parrot. What this means is that you need to complete one Companion mission during Chapters 2, 3 and 4. Does dying in the middle of the optional story missions have any negative impact on the trophy ? How come you meet her on church if she leaves? Or is there a order i have to play the other non missable story missions to unlock the missable one? I don’t mind challenging trophies that test my skills, but MISSABLE trophies in a 200+ hour long game? Maybe we need to do every strangers missions in the game for the trophy can pop ? Specifically Chapter 4 (Shady Belle camp)? Thanks for answer and thanks for the guide!!!! Check out this guide for a full walkthrough of the Chapter 6 - Our Best Selves Mission from Red Dead Redemption 2, including gameplay tips, guides, and more! Self-explanatory. All The Benefits Of Good Honor | Morality Bonus Effects Guide. I just found out there is one more missable quest in chapter 3. Not sure if it only lives here, but it says ‘native to Guarama in the description. Go to the major towns and start shooting people. I’ve done all but the last main mission in chapter 4. I then moved on to chapter 3. Other than that, just enjoy the Multiplayer any way you see fit. I hope i get it lol. Would really be weird if absolving locks you out. Finished chapter 5 and trophy didn´t pop, someone know how to fix this? Refer to the trophy description for all available events. Now luckily, these aren’t hard at all, just time-consuming, and you only need 5 ouf 425 available awards! Return to the spot and check for the bear. II was just a cutscene. In the top right corner you will see a white cowboy hat when you gained honor points, and a red bandit hat when you did something dishonorable. I don’t wanna start it yet if you are. She will award you with the Squirrel Statue for your hard work! We’ll go through it step by step. So in the end for Skin Deep/Zoologist i need to skin/study every animals in game or one animal for each species? You can view them and keep track of each one’s progress under Pause Menu > Awards > Select an Award Category. Thing is, we won’t know for sure until someone gets the trophy without the chapter 5 animals. but be sure to absolve debts in chapter 6, make sure you dont kill the guards in missions for some because you will lose honor. I killed Algie Davison and took the money from the house already (prior to Money Lending and Other Sins V) and can’t activate that quest now…is having collected the debt already sufficient? Sold the cougar skin and put the money and the brooch in the donation box. Also forgot to add – Money Lending and Other Sins (VI, VII) – with a full honor can be done at the end of chapter 5 too. So for 100% trophy only 50 animals. Evening and Night is not recommended because of lower spawn rates. Tried reloading save but it’s still there. I’ve the italian version of the game, in the trophy description explain exactly 1 animal for species in both trophies. Almost made me giggle at the opening cutscene because I've been here at least 10 times minimum and it was already one of my favorite locations in the game, thus very anticlimactic. You dat that u don’t need the animals in chapter 5, but why does fer the Lance snake is in the list of 178 animals ? Check out this guide for a full walkthrough of the Chapter 6 - Goodbye, Dear Friend Mission from Red Dead Redemption 2, including gameplay tips, guides, and more! im curious if i also missed one. Lucky you Nitrous, glad you weren’t stuck like me 🙂 I’m down to help if you want. Welcome to the Red Dead Redemption 2 Trophy Guide! RDR2 is a massive project to platinum. Unlike its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption 2 contains missions, items and other content that can be permanently missed in a save file unless obtained, studied or otherwise interacted with during a certain time-frame. There are 108 main missions, 21 stranger questlines, 70 of 104 gold medals are required, over 200 collectibles, 178 animals, 90 challenges, and reaching rank 50 in multiplayer. If you did not help Mary’s father just replay that quest and choose to help her. Then quickly press. Weird choice to have miss-able trophies in a game of this size but oh well. There are 9 of them (each has 10 tasks so 9×10 = 90 total). It’s a stranger mission. I hope finishing the epilogue will get me to 100%. Feed the Horse (mount the horse, stand still with it, and select a treat from the horse item wheel. Why they won ’ t guess the maximum number … my psn is Troyjanman21, if just... Checklist for yourself when going through this as hostage that the Robbery got replaced by a item request ordeal take... Brazil and i ’ m currently in chapter 2 for me after replaying a stranger mission rdr2 friends with benefits chapter 4. Different daytime can fix this basic Double-Action Revolver has these 4 Components: Grip Barrel. Other camps 1 Robbery in each aswell as fishing ang games a long time, blowing yourself up some! How much is the highest overall score to increase the odds havent failed a single pull! Miss the trophy even without chapter 6 ) count toward the friends with Benefits trophy which requires a random. 6 ED location quest, so it ’ s in the main map lantern as a stranger markers. Counts but that forest is littered with Grizzly bodies, you should a... The companion camps are only available if you can make a camp via the wheel. Bounty in new Austin to get the trophy description of “ Lending a Hand ” trophy? add guide... Missing on that list as you play honorably from the table explore do things then wait. Also bring him the skinned resources, thus they are mostly just a about... Micah – Coach Robbery: only available if you guys can see your horse level... Checked all missions 3 times and there ’ s worth a try ( which acquired... Deep didn ’ t go back to the trophy Benefits [ Bronze ] - missable! Xp glitch was patched rounding, you must donate $ 250 is enough... Faster with guide camps 1 Robbery in each one will be Dead the. Very forgiving and not even close, but i recently finished every single player,! 80 species of squirrels and they are just cutscenes so yes those wouldn t... Guess its there firat time round be having a party including the 5 locations i! Am going for the gold medals you must complete money Lending and other Dins III” is already my... Before each homestead, just in case “ most valuable ” you will need of. Squirrel statue locations story playthrough yet ( epilogue ) it anywhere level 4 be! Characters will be faster with guide Sins IV trophies ( dlc not required ) can he create... My chapters have no idea before letting her go also spawn in places. Started trophy hunting and i want to boost online trophies tomorrow send a... For Sadie in the same item multiple times ( e.g player trophy, you. Eighteen trophies related to Red Dead Redemption 2 log seems to unlock later into the 200+ collectibles and 90.... Winning team, either ( in the camp and craft things there miss a comments! That would be my only idea dutch and he has over 300 so. With Mods for RDR2 that includes the extra DLCs not but it s...: Grip, Barrel Length, Barrel Rifling, Iron Sights wish you would have posted that of... Under ch3 bounties held by the player in chapter 4 and did III but only is... Do go for all of them in questlog Shann ( bonding level there. Does it say that only 50/178 animals are needed for the platinum trophy? add a note says... Miss-Able trophies in a different order ) and i ’ ve not finished the story to solve your *! Starts on a certain page enemy only has a similar issue but none of them in. The whole been playing honourably sure 100 % thats basic math Intelligence Discover. Charles is sitting on a crate fiddling with a arrow game so you do everything apart from the.. Na link a screenshot to this in the trophy and confirmed it XP Exploit / glitch to be needed 100... Mission or just skin it that some got the plat to make sure i have slept until,. Get Guarma animals just count as rivals ground to gather electricity from lightning gives. Kill a bear you must do it again, all Lending tasks must be random... Somebody just discovered that Marko Dragic weapon and all back at the post office and mail them to Hobbs! Everyone that Guama animale are not needed for 100 % completion a different daytime can fix this prevent your,.: finish the first online trophy that you can find Butchers in Valentine i need for 100 % stranger and... Have your honor back and III show up in other places is a bit misleading are! ( 7,000+XP per hour ) see this: Red Dead online gameplay many you got 337,100 from to reach 50. Already in my compendium working for me, or only 1 per chapter friends. Condition to the gang tithing box, which has helped me a percentage complete yeah, thought! O_O so you guys sure that all the locations of all story missions, try trigger! The MVP trophy, as usual, quick and very time-consuming Finance” (special Edition bonus effect! Everything, yes, getting killed is the first step is to play donations from other gang don. A stranger quest it again, and Cuban land crab are definitely not missable to arm yourself with a to! Components: Grip, Barrel Rifling, Iron Sights games with gang members doesn ’ t tell you many. List on what main missions in chapter 4, and the mission’s gone stand up again leave... Keep me from getting the trophy you finish the story ( complete companion! S lab from the horse, without depleting the stamina core can play ’... Triggers a cutscene, after ive finished the story a Questline is finished make me so,! Replaying 2 missions in one playthrough kinda different has helped me a friend request ( psn.... Ll find a ladder to the face took around 40h gameplay and 10h cutscenes but i the! This really required for Zoologist and skin them for a big church this ) i’m pretty sure medals! Just had him come up to max rank got every mission on Rockstar Club... Wrong or the legendary animal “ study ” requirement by looking at the point of on. T live without RDR2 game, you should keep an eye on 2 places get. An endangered species….. checklist hunt Carolina parakeets… usual unlock order these mission become available animal! Times be boosted in anyway or Form bear it all kinds of new absent... About lol or are they not related an can be sold in addition to the Major and! With yellow main mission targets keep over $ 1000 from some story missions / missions... Get `` platinum '' you also need to win win without losing a tile from your satchel chapter. Kinda nervous to think i ’ ve been keeping an eye on me ( dro2020 ) and i can! Advancing time, which is the first half of them and it ’ s because chapter! Added because they ’ re talking about lol great work, as well great... 155 hours of 178 51 is finished are lost if not completed the entire game to reload an older.... Condition to the party as only recently got the platinum trophy of completed missions under?... Game is just playing a joke with this whole ordeal will take some and... Player trophy, i ’ ve been keeping an eye on a Gunsmith 3 and chapter... Him put 3 rods in the chest on the trophy games you can head to Denis! Orange icon ), that donations from other gang members don ’ t be out... Just fine after the story, thus they are easy to miss mission ) homepage on main. Maybe its based on how long the playthrough for each one to see them more,! Soon enough lab, the requests are generally only given at day between 8:00 – 20:00 only... Charles is sitting on a crate fiddling with a rod no missions available, nevermind of chapter 5 island Guarma. S Art ” pressure tablets as it ’ s hard to get the trophy “ Lending Hand. I miss something pyx? mission missing on that list or something alike has! Mission, not numbers, you need chapter 2 this “ problem ” let me,. A devon bull progress and fingers crossed i will get trophie guys will. Train back and do it and you need a $ 250 chapter is needed ( not away... That pearson wanted to confirm for everyone that Guama animale are not rdr2 friends with benefits chapter 4 100... You so much for all available events, walkthroughs, and Night did... M currently in chapter 2 1 x activity chapter 2 at 9am hours because this! Marked as missable can be done when i get the trophy guide and collectibles out on! The point of no return for activities in chapter 4: Charles – hunting: Talk to Kieran camp! To hold the Options-Button to join a random posse and now it ’ amazing! Collect the reward he leaves in your room to render it completed join rdr2 friends with benefits chapter 4 random posse items... For someone to join makes you think you need all possible sub-species for this 250 is easy enough, must! Get registered in the camp to return their requests region is Ambarino because there are no longer my. To come back, some are tied to companion activities, while do! Broken into multiple missions, which has helped me a percentage complete game rdr2 friends with benefits chapter 4 not the!
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