To this end, the water inlet piping 6 and outlet piping 7 for the cooler 2, are connected, with interposition of a circulation pump 8 on piping 6, with a heat exchanger 9 into which cold brine enters through a piping 10, the brine being removed through a piping 11. Refer to a typical regeneration scenario below: . If you have any questions on activated alumina regeneration, you could find Zibo Xiangrun Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd. When activated alumina is used for liquids such as propylene drying, it is necessary to first drive the liquid of the activated alumina bed at the time of regeneration, without any dead ends. You could do it as your requirement. Thanks a lot for your attention. Regeneration of Activated Alumina AD101: Once the adsorbent bed is saturated, it is no longer effective and must be regenerated. The duration of the regenerating operation is of the order of 4 to 6 hours. How to regenerate activated alumina? The regenerant uses sodium hydroxide solution, but also aluminum sulfate solution.The concentration of sodium hydroxide regenerant solution is 0.75%-1%, the sodium hydroxide consumption can be calculated as 8-10g solid sodium hydroxide per 1g of fluoride removed, and the amount of regeneration liquid is 3-6 times the volume of the filter media. The higher the heating temperature, the more complete the desorption regeneration. 210 regeneration of activated alumina products are offered for sale by suppliers on A wide variety of regeneration of activated alumina options are available to … The regeneration may be carried out by passing the spent alumina adsorbent through a heated tower or kiln concurrent or countercurrent to a stream of dry oxidizing gas, the gas charged to the tower or kiln having a moisture content not greater than 3 milligrams per … As soon as the chlorine and a part of the moisture have been thus desor-bed, the heating devices of air chamber 29 are put into action in order to progressively raise the temperature of the air up to ZOO-220 C. This heated air vaporizes the water adsorbed by the alumina and regenerates the latter while partially decomposing and desorbing the formerly adsorbed impurities; In the course of this operation, the temperature of the mass of alumina and the temperature of the air at the outlet 42 rise little by little and the regeneration may be considered completed when the temperature of air at the outlet of tower 18 is within the range of 10 to 20 C. lower than that of the air at the inlet into said tower. In a method of regenerating activated alumina containing adsorbed moisture and chlorine by passing heated air through said activated alumina to remove moisture and chlorine and thereafter passing cold air through said activated alumina to cool said activated alumina, the improvement which comprises passing cold air through said activated alumina until the air which has passed through said activated alumina contains practically no chlorine, the temperature of said cold airand its velocity being such as to prevent it from freezing the moisture in the activated alumina, said passing of cold air through said activated alumina being carried out prior to passing heated air through said activated alumina. Piping 32 is provided with a valve 33 and ends at the discharge side of a fan 34 which exhausts, out of an exchanger 35, cooled through a water circulation circuit 36. Claims priority, application France December 18, 1952 1 Claim. It is also more etficacious than the method using sulphuric acid, since one succeeds, by drying chlorine with activated alumina and regenerating the alumina in accordance with the invention, in lowering the water content of the, chlorine to to 20 parts of water per one million parts of chlorine against 70 to 90 parts water per one million parts chlorine in an acid atomizing plant and 130 to 150 parts water per one million parts chlorine in the dripping towers. The guarantee life of activated alumina. A thermostat 12, controlled through a thermo-element 13 immersed in the outlet side of the cooler 2, is arranged in order to regulate the opening of an inlet valve 14 interposed in the piping 10, for the brine. The cooling of cooler 2 is insured by the water itself being cooled by a brine. The process used is based on the utilization of an electrochemical cell which regenerates several saturated adsorbent bed. The lower part of these towers is connected through pipe branches 19 and 19a, in whichvalves 20 and 20a respectively are interposed, with a piping 21 for the outlet of the dry chlorine. as well as mercaptans, Method for the purification of natural gas, Method and plant of adsorption purification on activated carbon, and corresponding adsorber pot, Process for purification of argon from oxygen, Process for the regeneration of an absorption solution which is loaded with one or more gaseous compounds which can be released by heating and / or carried away by stripping, and plant for carrying out the process, Process to recover sulphur from the sulphur compounds contained in residual gases, Method for drying a fluid stream and reconcentrating the absorbent, Fresh water recovery process and apparatus for use in same, Process and plant for the production of carbonic anhydride from a gas available at a pressure near the atmospheric pressure, Method for removing carbon dioxide from process gas, Method and system for regenerating an amine-containing scrubbing solution obtained during gas purification, Process and plant for the recovery of water from humid air, Adsorption process for recovery of solvents, Process and an apparatus for the purification of gases by adsorption. Activated alumina desiccant is typically regenerated by your compressed air dryer. Regeneration Molecular Sieve should be in typical cyclic systems constitutes removal of the adsorbate from the molecular sieve bed by heating and purging with a carrier gas. Copyright © 2016 Zibo Xiangrun Environmental Engineering co., LTD. Gamma activated alumina(Catalyst carriers), Zibo Xiangrun Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd, Zibo Xiangrun Environmental Engineering co., LTD. New requirements needed to be developed for higher uptake capacity and the ability to remove arsenic cost-effectively without regeneration or creating hazardous waste requiring special handling. This process is called regenerating the desiccant. A novel technique to regenerate adsorbent column is presented. Piping 37 having valve 39 and branch piping 38a having valve 39a connect heat exchanger 35 with piping 40 and 40a respectively connected to the tops of the drying towers 18 and 18a respectively. Activated Alumina systems are environmentally friendly, especially in comparison with Fuller's Earth systems. List of Apparatus Components (Sizes) and Chemical Reagents Used TABLE 4-1. Two adsorbent filled vessels are installed in a desiccant dryer, one for drying the compressed air and one for regeneration. If the activated alumina is good quality, it will improve the life of activated alumina. The hot air circuit is then interrupted, the valves 26 .and 41 are closed and valves 33 and 39 are opened while fan 34 is started, which makes it possible to cause a current of dry air, which is cooled at each passage through exchanger 35, to flow in a closed circuit through the body of alumina in tower 18. The method in accordance with the invention may be carried out in apparatus .such as that which is diagrammatically shown by way ofexample in the accompanying drawing. The water molecules become trapped so that the air is dried out as it passes through the filter. Since the high concentration of water vapor at high temperatures can severely damage the structure of the activated alumina, it is necessary to rinse the active alumina bed with nitrogen, air, product gas or other suitable gas while heating. General activated alumina heating regeneration temperature between 180 ~ 350 ℃. This apparatus which constitutes a complete plant for drying chlorine issuing from electrolysis cells first comprises, mounted in series, a precooler 1 and a cooler 2 for the chlorine. Thus, a rising current of cold air flows through tower 18 and carries with it the chlorine adsorbed by the alumina in the tower as well as a certain quantity of moisture and the flow of cold air is maintained until the air removed through piping 42 contains practically no chlorine.
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