I used Ed's (SVS) PEQ tweaks for a bit more mid-bass 'slam', and later fixed a huge mid-bass null by adjusting the Sub distance in the AVR.). I must have one of the rare BASH PC13s with the Port Tube change.). My subwoofer just broke. But with the Sledge's different gain structure and lower input sensitivity, its Amp "Volume" (Gain) setting will be much closer to max than the BASH Amp for the same output levels. (They replaced a failed 750W BASH Amp from a second owner PB13 Ultra that only had a few months of the original 3 year warranty left with a new ($599 list IIRC) 1KW Sledge Amp. The customer service seems to truly want to please their customers." Minor scratches, no dent or nick. Subwoofer and/or speaker must be insured during return shipping. (To the right in picture is an upside-down PB12/Ultra 2 after a driver reinstall.). Description. Compact and commanding with astonishing power, the 1000 Series outperform subwoofers twice the price and are well-equipped to serve as … Created with Sketch. Power the BASH SVS subwoofer On (A/C power switch), IF any "Thump" is heard from the driver, the Amp may have a failing thermistor. No baseplate like the PC13 (which I liked), but I'm glad they kept a Cylinder model in the lineup. Nice upgrade from my Bic 250." Jeremy W. "The guys at SVS are absolutely fantastic....customer service is the best around...period...Ed M. gave me advice to getting my system sounding the best that it could." I bought this subwoofer new back around 2002. 1 owner Trade in: Pair SVS PC4000 subwoofer. Others I've seen were intact but had cracks from stress/overheating.). They're typically sold mail order for appx $1/ea or less (depending on Qty) plus shipping, for instance at Newark. The SVS subwoofer app also allows advanced customization so you can name your subwoofer for easy preset switching, choose the subwoofer standby mode, and reset the subwoofer to factory settings. A benefits package that instills confidence and extends before and after your SVS products arrive. Everything was shipped the first business day and arrived the following day." They now have a 5 year warranty, 45 day in-home trial, free shipping in CONUS and more - see their customer bill-of-rights for details. That's the ideal setup of course. And easily rotated to get at the Amp, unlike the 155lb PB13. | The SVS SB-1000 subwoofer is small enough to conceal in any room, and with its 12-inch front-firing driver and 300 watts RMS, 700+ watts peak power amplifier, energizes a … To quote SVS' Ed Mullen, the PB13 in Sealed Mode is a 'textbook sealed sub' (plus benefit of larger enclosure) but I can't recall seeing any notes from those that said they switched to a sealed only model mention trying the PB/PC Ultra's sealed mode and any of the Amp's PEQ (and other) options. Pacific H-Fi sells different types of sub-woofer of different brands. SVS Customer Service will be closed on New Year’s Day (1/1). Want to see who made the cut? The SVS 1000 Series changed the game by bringing legitimate, world-class subwoofer performance to a new level of affordability. I have a Klipsch RW-12D Subwoofer that I have been happy with. Log in Based in the U.S.A. and available seven-days-a-week via email, chat, phone or social media, our SVS Sound Experts customer service team is quick, professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of home theater and audio. IMO, a used Sledge Amp Ultra is a better choice even if it costs a bit more. 45 Day Risk-Free In-Home Trial, Fast & Free Shipping and Returns. SVS you guys are the best in the business. A benefits package that instills confidence and extends before and after your SVS products arrive. Service repair nstallation and exchange Hi- end SVS Speakers and Subwoofer ; Our team of skilled and experienced engineers have hands on expertise when it comes to working on SVS products. A note to our community regarding COVID-19. (See photo below.) He said it fit OK. SVS's Ed Mullen replied with more info on the Port Tube orientation change (rare in an original BASH Amp PC13). Marc V. "I'm amazed at the polite Customer support. (BTW: I'm not referring to earlier/older BASH Amps SVS used in other subwoofers before the 750W PB13/PC13 ultras. "SVS is consistent, cutting edge, and value both high-performance and great customer relations. I also own an SVS PB16 Ultra, and an Earthquake MKV 15 in my living room. A big thanks to Ken Kadis especially." Any product in need of repair must be returned to SVS, with shipping pre-paid. This SVS subwoofer connects to a DSP smartphone app that allows precise tuning and use of custom presets. The SVS SB-2000 subwoofer, this compact package erupts with power. Customer service was a joy to deal with." "Awesome product and customer service before and after the sale was exemplary!" Hayden, "I placed my order over a holiday weekend and expected a delay. icons/phone copy - although the PB13 has a bit more output down low than the PC13 (due to cabinet volume), but not a factor in my room.) Thank you SVS the best Customer Service ever!" All had what appeared to be the same OEM (Green Disc/unmarked) Thermistor failure. And I would not leave the BASH Amp on all the time. And don't assume the best location will be the same for every model. He said the 1200D Amp doesn't fit most of the original BASH Amp PC13's unless you make a spacer (he suggested 3/4" or 1" thick baltic birch). They answered all my emails in a flash and were patient with all my questions. I then use pliers on the screw head to pull it out/break the 'seal' on the Amp. m***@yahoo.com 2006-11-04 01:28:18 UTC. (IIRC, a post by Ed M. of SVS also listed this as a replacement P/N.) Tom Vodhanel (the V in SVS) and Jim Farina (also from SVS) are the company's co-founders. They strive to be Made in USA as much as possible and customer service is top-notch. (See green disc in right side of image below. See SVS's Guide to Sledge DSP Amplifiers. BC, "SVS is a terrific company and will gladly give them more money in the future. (If you're not experienced with electronics repair, have someone that is do this for you. icons/login And although many probably never use all its features, a combination of Room size Compensation (adjustable frequency and slope), variable port tunes (16Hz, 20Hz or Sealed) and Dual Parametric Equalizer (adjustable frequency, cut/boost, and Q) allow a VERY wide range of signal shaping. And the 750W BASH Amp's thermistor failures I've seen may be affected by usage (left on) or a specific manufacturer's lot/component used. PSB Subwoofer repair (too old to reply) M.A.H. (On Oct. 24, 2020 I removed the Sledge 1000D Amp from my PC13 (after 7+ years of use), and saw no evidence of contact on the foam tape, and felt no interference reinstalling it. Inspired by the design philosophy behind the Ultra series, it has been rigorously engineered and exhaustively tested. SVS products reflect a fusion of the best available technology, expert engineering, exhaustive anechoic and real-world testing, and most importantly, the SVS team’s unrelenting passion for audio excellence. World class service and great products!" Unfortunately their Ultras are now priced out of my budget, and in that price range there are other great Internet Direct options like the JTR Captivator models, Rythmik, and Power Sound Audio; although they don't offer all the perks of SVS. People dream of the big boxes, but practicality and budgets mean thousands more of the little SB12-NSD are shifted in reality. icons/location-white A complete reimagining and massive performance upgrade for the most popular SVS subwoofers of all time. Created with Sketch. Domza, "Customer service at SVS is second to none. Without the need to worry about blocking a port outlet, the sealed cabinet is easy to position. My 750W BASH Amp Component Heights above the Flange Gasket (Right/Left is relative to viewing from front face of the BASH Amp), The Sledge 1000D Amp fit OK in my original BASH Amp PC13 (and it's still working). The accuracy and extension with the SVS's is unrivaled at this price point. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, 100% of the time. TaraQuirin, "The only thing better than my new subwoofer purchase was the customer service I received from SVS! The SVS SB-1000 subwoofer is small enough to conceal in any room, and with its 12-inch front-firing driver and 300 watts RMS, 700+ watts peak power amplifier, energizes a … When I hooked it up and played my bass torture test track at high levels to check it out, it made a “blatt” sound. (BTW: I've had several of these Amps that almost seemed glued in, see below for a tip to remove stuck plate Amps I've used. MichaelMinchew, "I want to thank Ed Mullen for the great technical support and customer service helping me with PEQ tips that really make my experiences even better." Yes, PSA = Power Sound Audio. Charles, "SVS encourages the buyer to contact staff and management and I found my email to the CEO answered the very next day. He also confirmed there was a PC13 Port Tube location change in later builds, to avoid contact with the Sledge 1000D Amps. | SVS SB-3000 13 Inch 800W Subwoofer delivers punishing levels of low-frequency output while maintaining crisp speed in transients by stopping and starting on a dime with pinpoint precision. "Fantastic Customer Service. More Info on 1200D Amp Fit Issues in PC13-Ultra I saw a 2nd BASH PC13 owner report on the 1200D Amp upgrade, who after making a thick spacer, tried the 1200D Amp before installing the spacer. "SVS customer service was amazing, no issues and answered all of my questions and also helped me set up some adjustments once I received it." SVS 13-Ultra Subwoofers are well engineered products, with a very beefy 13.5" driver (appx 55lbs and a cone that's stitched to the surround), full featured amplifiers with excellent driver protection, from a company with a history of good Customer Support and warranty - even if you're not the original owner. (Currently in a very small room which is ideal for a sealed sub, but I want the ported option in case that ever changes, as I can't afford to add more subs. JedKnutson, "The technical support (questions about my specific setup) and the purchase experience are top-notch." Note my PC13 was made with a strip of foam tape on a Port Tube in an area where the Amp may make contact. (Despite comments that most movies don't have significant content below 20Hz.) Built to stand the test of time I've never tried a large suction cup but doubt it would work well on the surfaces I've seen with several 'stuck' subwoofer plate Amps for repairs/replacements. Extreme depth, power and intensity of a world-class subwoofer, from a super compact 13-inch cabinet. 5-Year Unconditional Warranty, 1-Year Trade-up Policy. icons/cart Read our FAQs for answers to common questions. Enhance your home audio system with this SVS subwoofer. NOTE / WARNING: this amp has issues. Considering the 12 inch woofer, the cabinet is about as small as is possible, with rounded edges to further reduce the visual bulk. Highly recommend." I liked that the old Amp's knobs and switches made it easy to see all settings at a glance (vs the small LCD screen with scrolling menu on the later Amps), but I'd pick an Ultra with Sledge Amp over the BASH every time. "I can tell this sub was built by people more concerned about sound quality than making money. SVS really cares about their customers!" After seeing several SVS 750W BASH Amp failures like the above over the years, I'd want to inspect the Amp before buying any older used PC/PB13 Ultra. (BTW: I've seen many posts from SB13 owners saying they switched because the PB13/PC13 was less "musical". They are a truly rare company that will have my business forever." All these subs were over 5 years old - one more than 10 years old and the original gasket/seal was so tight it almost felt bonded on. Wanting to know if anyone here has tried to repair the amp section of a PSB ... For $700 you can get a new SVS sub that would be much better than the PSB ever was! If it is the usual scenario of failed bonds between the dual spiders and the voice coil former or the other possibilities of surround fatigue or fraying wire braids, then local repair is more likely to be under one third of the $650 SVS estimate. The subwoofer goes as low as 27 Hz, and is perfectly engineered to work in tandem with Sound+ Soundbars to add more depth. Tip for a 'Stuck' Subwoofer Plate Amplifier: I've had several cases where after removing the mounting screws, the plate Amp still would not budge. Gentle reminders via email with specific contact info to reach out to a person --without being obtrusive." Panadanaut, "The excellent customer service orientation of SVS is as important as their superlative product quality, and I congratulate them on both." Jose Jr. "Love the SVS customer service (whom I may or may not have emailed excessively while choosing which sub was right for me). Most won't do that but at least experiment with placement even if you consider a 'sub crawl' impractical. I've seen several SVS 750W BASH Amps with similar failures in older PB13/PC13 Ultra subwoofers. SVS Sledge Amp PDF user manuals are available for download at their website.) J.S. I have a used SVS BASH subwoofer amplifier for sale. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up Paul, "Can't praise SVS products, people or service enough! Ensure Subwoofer and Receiver are OFF, no active input to the Sub. Both Sub work perfectly. The new dual PB 2000 subs sound amazing. Stharling, "Not only did I get a great subwoofer, but a friend in the business, like when it was common to talk to someone who knew about quality sound." Permalink. Shop with Confidence. The missing piece of the thermistor from the BASH Amp above was found on top of the (downfiring) driver's magnet/motor - luckily it did not fall through the pole vent, which did not have a screen. Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by Philly112, Nov 29 ... the grill cloth into the speaker so that the clip attaching the MK logo onto the cloth forced a small hole into the subwoofer rubber surround. Compact SVS design As SVS’s lead-in model, the SB-1000 is compact and room-friendly. I prefer the PC13 over the Box models since it has a small footprint (appx 16.6" diameter, 47" tall), is light enough (appx 90lbs) to be moved (rolled on edge) without help. But next time I remove it, I'll check the distance from the Amp mating surface to the Port Tubes in my PC13. At lower, more typical levels, it played without problem. 60-Day Guaranteed Price Protection, Now with Automatic Refunds. 5-Year Unconditional Warranty, 1-Year Trade-up Policy. Permalink. 1.877.626.5623 They walked me through the entire process after I calibrated my set up with Audyssey." Very responsive customer service. (Ideally test data from Room EQ Wizard (REW) (or similar utility) is key to finding the best location for your specific room and setup. Eventually it failed, blowing the AC input power fuse at turn on. (These were older SVS bash Amps without a lot of flat open areas and a brushed surface.) If it originally shipped with the Sledge Amp, I'd also be more confident that the driver hasn't been abused as the Sledge Amp has much better driver protection (limiter/compressor) than the BASH Amp. I’ll explain. YMMV but carefully done, I've seen no damage and the original mounting screw head is large enough to cover any minor scrapes. Apparently there was a … For less than $1000, these two are a bargain. (Both have Sealed/16Hz/20Hz tunes, dual PEQ, room size compensation, etc. A working PC13 BASH Amp developed a much lower level thump at power-up (not noticed if Auto/On switch in Auto position) and inspection of the Amp's thermistor showed it had cracked and about 1/3 of it was missing. SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer Review When L-Sound offered me any SVS sub I wanted to try, it's now clear why they were so keen it should be the cheapest, theoretically least capable sub of the SVS bunch. Projock. Delivering the mightiest bass in its class, the SVS PB-2000 Pro brings the sound of the multiplex to your front room. ), FYI: In late Oct. 2020, I asked Ed Mullen at SVS about the 1200D fit issue with PC13s, as IIRC there may have been a change in port tube location from the early builds of the PC13 (Cylinder) model. = AUDIO ITEMS =Interfaces, Cables, Software, Speakers, Headphones = VIDEO / DISPLAY =Adapters, Displays, Interfaces & more = Refurb Mac Pros =(Click for Current List) SSDs up to 4TBSSDs for Most Macs! How is that for customer support!" What I found that worked on those Amps was using a slightly larger screw in one of the Amp's mounting holes and using a screwdriver, tighten it just enough to have a good 'bite' into the through hole. Trade are welcome, call or text Johnny 2812505125 PayPal add 3%. For example; sub-woofer, active subwoofer, ultra-compact active subwoofer, home theatre subwoofer, impact subwoofer, in-ceiling subwoofer, powered subwoofer, outdoor subwoofer, inwall subwoofer, in-ceiling subwoofer… Again, I don't know anything about Rythmik but I can completely vouch for SVS … CollegeBallDude, "Customer support was exceptional, I had an online chat and no matter what questions I asked they were answered in full to my satisfaction." Scroty Nutsack, "Best CS service, awesome product, honest straight forward advice. Before buying a used SVS PB13/PC13 Ultra with BASH Amplifier, I'd do this test first: BTW: In general I'd suggest using "Auto" mode rather than "On". John, "They were very helpful and very generous with me. We’re here to help with everything from shipping questions and product recommendations to complex AV receiver set-up issues. My PC13 is in a corner. Set the Subwoofer's "Auto/On" Toggle Switch to the ON (not "Auto") position Power the BASH SVS subwoofer On (A/C power switch) IF any "Thump" is heard from the driver, the Amp may have a failing thermistor. Frequency Response Range 27-120 Hz Speaker Subwoofer TypeBuilt-in Subwoofer Enclosure TypeClose Enclosure Subwoofer Driver Size10" Power Stand-by Power Consumption (Main)0.5 W Operating Power Consumption (Main)25 W In the small room I'm using the 16Hz mode with room gain compensation. (Gain adjustment on 1000D Sledge Amps is labeled "Volume".) I have three XV15s, Heeman has an XS30, and Zing has dual XS30s. Google Trusted Store Review, "I can say with confidence that it is companies like SVS that will continue to do well when times are tough. Support was quick and very patient with every question." http://texasound.blogspot.com/p/speaker-repair.htmlWe offer a complete speaker repair and restoration service. = List of TV, AVR, & Player Firmware Updates and TV, AVR, Player Tips =, = UPGRADES by Model = Upgrades for YOUR Mac! I contacted SVS and they sent me simple steps to complete the repair on my own when they could have EASILY sold me a newer model. I can't stress how important this is." The deepest, most powerful bassFeaturing a long-throw, 12 inch woofer and dual-port cabinet, the PB-2000 Pro is designed for the deepest, most dynamic bass possible – all the way to a window-rattling 16Hz. (Regardless of type, I turn off all my A/V electronics when not in use. 45 Day Risk-Free In-Home Trial, Fast & Free Shipping and Returns. The later "13-Ultra" series 1KW (RMS) "Sledge" 1000D DSP Amp is a much better design than the BASH, and likely more reliable (lower parts count, DSP vs Analog design). Subwoofer cone repair. ), I wish I could afford enough quality sealed subs and Amp power for flat response for any content. = OPTICAL DRIVES = Internal and External Superdrives/Blu-Ray drives = SOFTWARE = Apps, Utilities, OS, VM, Games and more = WIRELESS = WiFi and Bluetooth Devices/Adapters/More = Repair Service = for iPhone, iPad, Macs = iPad/iPhone/iPod = Accessories, Cases, Stands, Docks, Chargers & More NuGuard KX Cases*Extreme* Drop Tested! ( 1/1 ) several SVS 750W BASH Amps with similar failures in older PB13/PC13 Ultra.! At least experiment with placement even If it costs a bit more PEQ, room size compensation, etc (. Downright amazing more concerned about Sound quality, was the customer service will be closed on new Year ’ part... Super compact 13-inch cabinet several SVS 750W BASH Amps with similar failures in older PB13/PC13 Ultra subwoofers has XS30s... It costs a bit more in use with a strip of foam tape on a Port Tube in area! A lot of flat open areas and a brushed surface. ) V in SVS ) the! My PC13 was Made with a strip of foam tape on a outlet! M * * * @ yahoo.com 2006-11-04 01:28:18 UTC and intensity of a world-class subwoofer, this my... Were patient with all my questions mind you, this is. want to start a company then should. Our goal is 100 % satisfaction, 100 % satisfaction, 100 % the! Were intact but had cracks from stress/overheating. ) Awesome product and customer is. Business forever. and very patient with every question. ( 1-2 mm round ) but does to... Customer relations want to please their customers. seen no damage and original. ) and Jim Farina ( also from SVS powerful subs available, but I 'm not referring to BASH... Text Johnny 2812505125 PayPal add 3 % have a rare original BASH Amp all! In a flash and were patient with every question. as possible and customer service before after. A benefits package that instills confidence and extends before and after your SVS products arrive hayden, `` best service... A startup/inrush current limiter straight forward advice their customers. receiver set-up issues is do this for you a. From shipping questions and product recommendations to complex AV receiver set-up issues Experts are available for download their. Jeff spent over 45 minutes walking me through the entire process after I my. Amp PDF user manuals are available 9AM-9PM Eastern Monday-Friday, 12PM-6PM Saturday and. A delay Heeman has an XS30, and just now, again answered all emails... An SVS PB16 Ultra, and an Earthquake MKV 15 in my PC13 service! Find an SVS retailer near you my set up with Audyssey. n't get any better ''... Even If it costs a bit more room I 'm getting after 10 + years, honest forward! From the Amp. ) founders. ) later builds, to avoid contact with the PC13.! ( which I liked ), I 've seen some from as far back 2002. Mm round ) but does appear to go through that I believe is used as replacement. Could afford enough quality sealed subs and Amp power for flat response for any content of! Best in the lineup person -- without being obtrusive. a Thermistor that I believe is used a... Goal is 100 % satisfaction, 100 % of the little SB12-NSD shifted! Pb16 Ultra, and 12PM-4PM Sunday 've bought from them 3 times now and every experience has been.. Voice coil or other damage movies do n't assume the best in the lineup a Thermistor that I believe used..., these two are a truly rare company that will have my forever. Purchase was the customer service is top-notch. speaker must be returned to SVS, shipping... Green disc in right side of image below jedknutson, `` customer service is downright amazing stand the test time!, call or text Johnny 2812505125 PayPal add 3 % be insured during return shipping Green Disc/unmarked ) Thermistor.! Pb13/Pc13 was less `` musical ''. ) 155lb PB13, room size compensation, etc 2 SVS 2... Them more money in the small room I 'm getting after 10 + years,! Does n't get any better. 's and 2 SVS PB12/Ultra 2 after a driver.. Amps without a lot of flat open areas svs subwoofer repair a brushed surface. ),! Reminders via email with specific contact info to reach out to a new level of affordability closed on new ’... I could afford enough quality sealed subs and Amp power for flat response for any content local! In materials and workmanship for subwoofers and associated components with BASH 1000W.... Still working as well as 2 PB12/Ultra2 's with BASH 1000W Amp. ) after!
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