Parasound is a high-end manufacturer of amplifiers and preamps founded in 1981 by Richard Schram and based in California. ... Parasound Halo A 52+ Amplifier Review. Parasound Halo A52+ Multi Channel Amplifier. Parasound Halo Five Channel Power AmplifierThe Parasound Halo A51 multichannel amplifier is a power .. £6,849.00. Shipping: Cost to ship this item within the contiguous United States is a flat rate of $135- including packaging and insurance. Introduction to the Parasound Halo A 31 Power Amplifier. The component under review, the $2000 Halo A 21 stereo amp, is slotted in further down the Parasound line. - Home Theater Review. The review was right on. They made a … We currently are connected to Parasound's A21 and A51 amps that are 250w per channel (8 watts of pure class A) I have connected them to The Energy Veritas 2.4 and the Klipsch RF7's Both sounded astonishing. 5-Channel Power Amplifier (2002-16) add a review. The Parasound 2205A is an 80 lb. "Parasound's Halo amps get my complete standing ovation. Frequency response is rated as 10Hz-100kHz +0/-3dB, and total harmonic distortion is specified to be <0.01%, both of which are quite good figures. Parasound has been making their Halo line of amplifiers for years now, mostly without change. The Parasound HALO A52+ is a new addition for 2018 to the HALO multi-channel stable.The Parasound A .. £4,149.00. Here it is. Obviously, the McIntosh is considerably more then the other two. ATI AT527NC and AT524NC Amplifiers Review. Actual time spent with the Parasound products in my own system (NC2250 and NC5250) and a friends system (Halo JC1 , A51, A21, ZoneMaster 650) 4. That was back in … As a Parasound A51 amp owner, they are great amps and do require at least 50 hours of break in to sound their best. The answer to this question can be found, if we take as an example of Parasound audio equipment from San Francisco, to be exact - its top-end range of Halo. Parasound’s big bruiser of a muscular yet always adept power amplifier gets a powerful update with a new "Plus Series" model. Review By Dwayne Carter It's amazing how the mind works. May 2003. Parasound may have been thinking along these lines when they engaged the well-known amplifier designer John Curl to create their new five-channel amp, the Halo A 52+ ($2,995). I am acquainted with Parasound, as my first audiophile quality CD player was a Parasound CDP-1000, and later I bought a Parasound DAC-1500 to upgrade the overall source quality. Search for "Club Halo Parasound" on Google and the first link will be a Parasound forum. Add to Compare. Legacy Audio Powerbloc2 and Powerbloc4 Amplifiers Review. Or A52. Manual Library / Parasound. Their A21 and A51 amplifiers have been unchanged since they debuted and remain a mainstay of most Top Equipment lists that publications put out. Looking to replace my Yamaha MX-A5000 with one of the above 5 Channel Amplifiers. Product Specifications. Circuit design by John Curl (look up his creds :-) Complementary MOSFET driver stage and JFET input stage; 16 beta-matched 15 amp, 60 MHz bipolar output transistors; 7. Parasound has been making their Halo line of products for quite a few years now, but they are not one to make updates for the sake of change. For surround sound movies the Parasound Halo A51/A31 perform better than the Rotel RMB-1585 amp. This review will look at the more conventional, yet equally impressive, design from Parasound. The Parasound sounded more resolving with better detiails and nuances and better PRAT than the Rotel RMB-1585. Parasound A51 is $1500 - 4000 less, has 40% more 8 ohm power, won a higher value rating & is the amp the reviewer purchased. Anthem or Parasound, both are great unit and have rave reviews. Parasound promotes itself as having a high value-to-price ratio, and one need look no further than the Parasound Halo line of preamplifiers and power amplifiers, which are consistently named to audiophiles' "best bargain" lists. l bought the Parasound halo a21 and the differences of improvement in the sound quality are just unreal, it's like too good to be true, before the parasound i had an Emotiva XPA and after listened to the differences btw the emo and the parasound i got to the conclusion that emotiva made my speakers sounded so bad, the sound quality is night and day differences, I'm was shocked! I was certain I had owned a Parasound amplifier at one point in my life. The Parasound Halo JC 5 certainly lives up to the buzz. Saying it’s a great value is a bit of a disservice. Damping factor: 1100. It joins the two channel Halo A21 as well as the five-channel Halo A51 - just the Halo JC 1 monoblock prices more. With reputation and reliability in tow, the Parasound A51 is a stunner in almost every regard." "Parasound has totally hit the proverbial home run with the Halo C2 and A51 and I very strongly recommend them." Parasound A52+ Five Channel Solid-State Amplifier Parasound's impressive A52+ is truly faithful to music. ! It was a certainty; that this house full of speakers, was powered by a big Parasound wholehouse amplifier. Parasound, based out of San Francisco, was founded by a former audio retailer Richard Schram. FS: Parasound Halo P5 2.1 Preamp w/ DAC , Yamaha C-4 Vintage Preamp: Audio Equipment For Sale: 0: Nov 28, 2020: P: Should I add a DAC for Node2i + Parasound A21 + KEF LS50 setup? I currently have and will use the Yamaha CX-A5100 Processor. Power output: 250 watts per channel into 8Ω (5 channels) Frequency response: 5Hz to 100kHz. Input sensitivity: 1V. 65"samsung /Onkyo prsc 5530 / Parasound A51 /bel canto m1000/ Parasound A21/ Oppo bdp 205/D105 / 95 /furman Dmc pro /Definitive active speakers bp7002 /bp10b/pmc 23,s /clr3500 /3x def 450w subs chord signature /Home pc I7/chord cables 5.5centre.rear,bryston preamp bp25 Reviews: Home Theater Review Audio Advisor. Parasound Halo A51 Amplifier How profitable multi-channel acquisition power amplifier instead of the usual stereo? The HALO A51 is a thoroughbred THX Ultra2 certified, high bias Class A/AB amplifier that gives you the optimal amount of performance that only most really high end systems achieve, again nailing Parasound's colours to the mast when it comes to that getting the maximum 'bang for your buck'. In terms of performance, as a general rule Parasound's Halo line is pretty boring inasmuch as there are rarely if ever any big flaws to point out. While I honestly do not think it is needed with Klipsch's, I would order one from Audio Advisor as they have an excellent Return Policy unless there is a local Parasound Dealer that would allow you to demo an A51. The amplifier is amazingly quiet, tonally balanced with an ability to deliver detail and layering in a price bracket just a notch below some of it’s bigger brothers. The Parasound HALO A31 multichannel amplifier is a power amplifier that draws directly from the hefty lineage of the 5 channel A51. - Manoj Motwani, M.D. Good luck. A bit late on this, but thought I'd offer my two cents. I can't describe it, it is something you have to hear. The only way to … Several years back, Parasound introduced the Halo A31 ($3295 USD), a three-channel variation of the top of the line stereo and multichannel amplifiers, as well as the topic of the review. All of Parasound's amps during this era were designed by John Curl. JC1 left my jaw on the floor; A51 proved to be a superb complement with music & soundtracks. The answer to this question can be found, if we take as an example of Parasound audio equipment from San Francisco, to be exact - its top-end range of Halo. We were recently approached by Parasound regarding their new $5,995 Halo JC 5 stereo amplifier. What do you think of Parasounds model 275 two channel amp? It joins the two-channel Halo A 21 and the five-channel Halo A 51 -- only the Halo JC 1 monoblock costs more. "The A51 [amplifier] so thoroughly bettered the performance of my Classe' amp with the tough-to-drive KEF speakers that I cannot image going back to it." Specifications. beast of an amp. Manual. The Halo Integrated 2.1 combines a preamplifier with a power amp, phono preamp, DAC, and built-in adjustable crossover to make a device that can handle any current-format digital, line-level analog, or phono input. This year they finally added a 3 channel amplifier targeting the home theater crowd that want a single amplifier to drive their front three channels. I know that A51 have more power than A5 but I have easy to drive speakers: Paradigm Studio 40 v4 Studio CC590 Surround ADP 590 So 180W of Anthem should be good. Im close to purchasing one but havent found out much online, except Parasound has a decent reputation. It fills the hole that was left in 2012 when Parasound discontinued the $2,500 A 52. Tons of the folks there are using the Halo amplifiers to power their Maggies. You would get tons of information on the EXACT combination of your loudspeaker and Parasound A21 combo. Parasound's Halo A 52+ multichannel power amplifier ($2995) is specified to output 180Wpc RMS into 8 ohms or 255Wpc RMS into 4 ohms, all five channels driven. Total harmonic distortion: 0.2%. When it comes to high-performance, high-value power amplifiers, few do it better than Parasound.The A51, which is part of Parasound’s Halo line of cost-no-object products designed in tandem with audio legend John Curl, has benchmark levels of performance, yet costs a reasonable $4,500. Rating: 98 out of 100." A couple of years ago, Parasound introduced the Halo A 31 ($3295 USD), a three-channel version of their top-of-the-line stereo and multichannel amplifiers, and the subject of this review. 3. This wasn’t, by any means, inexpensive and given their history of building high performance-to-price equipment – we were very intrigued. They have a version 2 currently available with more wattage, otherwise similar specs. DVD Etc. I love my Parasound HCA-2205AT which is all but identical to the A51. Amplifier Parasound Halo A51 How profitable multi-channel acquisition power amplifier instead of the usual stereo? That was a good move, because that was when I came across the Parasound A21. McIntosh 255 vs Parasound Halo A51 vs Anthem MCA 525. The back panel of the Parasound Halo P 5. Parasound A31 Three Channel Power Amplifier Parasound Halo P 6 Preamplifier & DAC Reviewed Parasound 275 v.2 Stereo Amplifier Reviewed Parasound Halo Integrated 2.1 … It’s easy to see why this Parasound has its set of loyal followers. Performance. Parasound Halo A51. or any of the other Amplifiers on your list. Its power-output specs when driving only two channels are slightly higher: 225Wpc into 8 ohms or 350Wpc into 4 ohms.