Letra de Really (Korean Version) de Blackpink. Rose BLACKPINK singing WINNER song REALLY REALLY (acoustic) 1192 views • 19 weeks ago. What covers would you want BLACKPINK to perform? If you really really love me malhe jwo Na opsi harudo botil su optdago really really Jip chakal man kum wonan dago really If you really really want me mare jwo No jolde jamsido hanun nan pandago really really Darun namjawan daru dago really [Verse 2: Rosé, Jisoo & Jennie] Han bone jumyon dubon he jul ge popo Guro dago ham buro duli demyon no no 757 views • 13 weeks ago. Recommends for you ... really backing.pdf. 708 views • 18 weeks ago. (i like how they give their all and doesnt really mind that its the girl group song) #1 supertiffany , Jan 7, 2021 at 2:13 AM jasque-reloaded , nccm1 , guineverebp and 2 others like this. BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls Guitar cover by FFGuitar. BLACKPINK - Ice Cream acoustic guitar cover by FFGuitar. Photographed Hee June Kim by and styled by Park Minhee. I’ve said this before in passing. [Jennie:] If you really really love me malhaejwo Na eobs-i haludo beotil su eobsdago really really Jibchaghal mankeum wonhandago really [Rosé:] If you really really want me malhaejwo Neo jeoldae jamsido hannun an pandago really really Daleun namjawaneun daleudago really But the question is did they really dance on it? It’s 4:30 a.m. Seoul time when Jennie, Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo accept my Zoom call from New York City. I really enjoy seeing their covers so my friend and I were playing and imagining what songs we would love them to cover. I would love to hear Jisoo’s unique, husky tone cover “What are you doing New Year’s Eve.” But some netizens feel the ‘unbelievable’ happened with this song some time back when Blackpink girls did a cover dance on this song. Magazine Elle China revealed in a video teaser that Lisa, a member of the popular South Korean girl band Blackpink, will grace the cover of its December issue. BLACKPINK 'Really' ENGLISH COVER link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWbpXWqFeXg&t=13s BLACKPINK covers ELLE’s October issue for their first US cover and talks about Spice Girl comparisons, performing at Coachella, pop-star boot-camp and more. BTS - Dynamite Guitar cover by FFGuitar. Does Blackpink really deserve all the popularity and fame or are other groups like Twice, Red Velvet, and Mamamoo more deserving?